About the Author

I live an especially fortunate life.  It’s true.  From the top of my green hill I look out upon neighboring beautiful green hills.  I live in a big green house and I teach horsemanship to horse crazy students in my huge green barn.

Green is a symbol for love and the very breath of life.  I sing, I ride, I’m learning to tap dance.  I have three incredible children, all gifted and full of good hearts and great minds.  My best guy buddy from high school is now my partner, and I thank 40 years of relationship challenges that have rewarded me with this wonderful man.

I was seven when I announced to the world that I was going to be a horse trainer and writer.  At 22 I bought my first horse, untrained, and Ali became my first lesson horse, helping me to teach for 25 years.

I’ve journaled thousands of pages since that beginning.  Not so much about horses.  I live my daily ups and downs with them, through them, mirrored by them.  My pages grab at the in between happenings and the turbulence of my expectations, reactions and ever changing conclusions.

I’ve never given much thought to being on time.  Nevertheless, the time is now; it always has been, always will be.  I choose now to share some of my stories.  I wish to return the favor of all the stories, whispered, sung, and danced around the campfires of our souls that have filled my life.


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